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I am a designer and maker specialising in temporary small to medium scale light installations in public spaces and for public events. 
The following installations are suitable for a range of environments, festival remits, and for people of all ages from young to old. They animate environments both in daylight and at nighttime and are excellent backdrops for photo opportunities.  They are particularly suitable for engaging audiences whilst keeping socially distanced. 
Each installation can be installed as a complete work or in a variety of units for both outdoor and indoor environments and have been tried, tested and enjoyed at events such as Christmas at Kew 2015 and 2015, Enchanted Parks 2016, Doncaster Night Light 2019, Christmas at Blenheim 2020 amongst others.
They have been designed and fabricated to withstand outdoor and inclement weather usage and adhere to a wide range of health & safety requirements.  They are environmentally friendly, designed for longevity, and can be reused for many years with minimal maintenance. The installations are flat packed and easy to transport, as well as easily taken apart for recycling at the end of their functionality and lifespan.
For details and quotations please click here. I would be very happy to find out more about your requirements and provide a tailored price.  In addition, I am available to design and construct bespoke work for events

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